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Sabre and scabbard nineteenth century

Gold, steel, wood | 10.0 cm (Width) x 2.2 cm (Depth); 100.0 cm (Length) (parts .a and .b together) | RCIN 62892

Grand Vestibule, Windsor Castle

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  • An Arabic sabre with a gold pistol grip hilt chased with rosettes/scrolls and overlaid with filigree. The cross guard with cone-shaped finials. The back-edged watered steel blade with a double-edged point. The wood scabbard encased with gold chased with foliate borders, with flowers in reserves.

    Presented to Edward VIII by the Sheikh of Bahrain in 1936. The sword was sent to the Grand Vestibule at Windsor Castle in July 1936 with a memorandum explaining that it is named 'Al Masaul': 'It is over 100 years old and is a well known sword among the Arabs. It once belonged to an Arab mainland tribe and has been used in tribal warfare. It was given to His Excellency by the head of the tribe which was victorious. The scabbard was made in Bahrain and the pearls are from Bahrain. The dagger was taken in battle from the chief of the Dajoun [?] tribe and scabbard was made in Bahrain.'

  • Medium and techniques

    Gold, steel, wood


    10.0 cm (Width) x 2.2 cm (Depth); 100.0 cm (Length) (parts .a and .b together)

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  • Alternative title(s)

    Al Masaul

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