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Joseph Bouchette (1774-1841)

General Map of the Provinces of Canada, 1831. 1831

RCIN 1142933

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  • Joseph Bouchette (1774-1841) was a Canadian surveyor who produced many large scale maps of the Canadian Provinces prior to their union in 1841. Born in Quebec, Bouchette qualified as a surveyor in 1792, but initially pursued a career in the militia like his father. Following his successes surveying the frontier with the United States of America following the War of 1812, Bouchette proposed to publish a large map of Upper and Lower Canada with an accompanying topographical guide. This was eventually published in 1815 and was such a success that it allowed Bouchette to thoroughly survey Canadian territory.

    In 1829, Bouchette travelled to London where, in 1831, he published an even larger and more detailed collection of maps and guides to Canada. In 1831, these maps were used for the Canadian Census, due to their size and the detailed depiction of landholdings and towns within the provinces.

    This magnificent map, a general overview of the Canadian Provinces, formed part of the set published in 1831. Serving as a part of the presentation copy to William IV (r.1830-1837), it provides an extremely detailed overview of Canada in the years prior to the Union of 1841. The map includes the administrative divisions of the provinces and the townships which formed a part of each. It also includes detailed insets of further British claims in North America, a depiction of Newfoundland and a large proportion of the north-eastern states of the United States of America.
  • Alternative title(s)

    The British Dominions in North America ... ; map / by Joseph Bouchette.

    Map of the Povinces of Lower & Upper Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island with a large section of the United States / compiled from the latest & most approved astronomical observations, authorities & recent surveys by ... Joseph Bouchette esq.