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Mir Ali (c. 1500-1550)

Folio from a Mughal album (Calligraphy by Muhammad Husayn and Mir Ali).

37.1 x 22.0 cm (folio dimensions) | RCIN 1005052

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  • Recto:

    The first two lines of the nād-i 'alī ('Shout of Ali') written by Mughal calligrapher Muhammad Husayn Kashmiri in very large Arabic script on blue paper decorated with gold floral illumination.

    [I] call upon Ali, the Manufestor of Miracles
    You will find in him help in hardship
    All grief and anxiety will disappear through your care
    Oh Ali, Oh Ali, Oh Ali

    نادِ علياً مظهر العجائب تجده عوناً لك في النوائب، كل هم وغم سينجلي بعظمتك يا الله، بنبوتك يا محمد، بولايتك يا علي يا علي يا علي 





    A calligraphy exercise by Mir Ali for 'dear son Sultan Bayazid' written on pale sand coloured paper, decorated with large gold flecks.

    The poet and calligrapher Sultan Bayazid (d. 1579) was a pupil of the master calligrapher Mir Ali who considered him his spiritual son. A small number of calligraphic specimens include notes detailing that they were written specifically for Sultan Bayazid by Mir Ali. In the early years of Akbar's reign, Sultan Bayazid migrated to the Mughal court where he became one of emperor's court poets, receiving the title Katib al-Mulk.


    مشقه العبد المذنب على الکاتب

    Exercise of the sinful slave 'Ali the calligrapher'


    Likely acquired by George II before 1728. For further information on this album see RCIN 1005039.

  • Measurements

    37.1 x 22.0 cm (folio dimensions)

    30.7 x 17.7 cm (panel)

    25.6 x 18.2 cm (panel)